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Cleaning and Caring for Your Tiles

Maintaining Tile Elegance: Cleaning and Caring for Your Tiles

Tiles are the heroes of our homes. It is unsung and silent material, but its presence makes all the difference in the house. From light and elegance to beauty and charm, tiles are always the best solution to bring attractive appeal to a building. But taking care of the tiles is also an important and crucial factor that contributes to the beauty of the building. Keeping them gleaming and clean goes a bit further than dusting practice.

In this guide, we will explore how to maintain the cleaning and care of tiles for their sparks and shine.

1: Dust and Sweep Regularly

The tiles can easily be dusty and dirty. With a gentle sweep or dusting, all the dirt can be removed and debris can be taken care of. Regular maintenance of the tiles can prevent particles from scratching and make the tiles look new and fresh.

2: Cleaning Solutions

Using the right kind of cleaning solution is another way to make them dust-free for a longer period of time. Whether your tiles are ceramic or porcelain, the pH cleaner solution is specially designed to keep all tile types clean and material-friendly. They are not harsh or aggressive on the material, but with the right amount and solution, tiles can be protected for a longer period of time.

3: Steam cleaning without harsh chemicals

Supra tiles are made from eco-friendly materials. The use of chemicals or any harsh solutions can create the possibility of damage to tiles. However, you can opt for the stream cleaning method. This friendly method removes harsh, dirty strains from tiles in an effective way and has the added bonus of sanitization and hygiene.

4: Soft touch and mops

Cloths and mops are the best methods to make your tiles at home clean and shining. With cloth, you are ensuring that no harsh movement or material is made on the delicate tiles. Non-abrasive cloths are used to preserve the sheen and integrity of the tiles effectively.

5: Protection with Tile Sealing

The use of resin or any quality sealer is effective in making the tile protection more accurate. Supra tiles are eco-friendly, and they can be further protected through the use of tile sealers, especially in high-traffic areas. Sealing products such as resin or epoxy are used to protect the tiles against any direct stains or dirt.

Expert advice from Supra Tiles

Expert advice from Supra Tiles to maintain the elegance and beauty of the tile is to incorporate regular care and proper cleaning techniques. The use of a non-adhesive cloth with a pH-neutral solution is the best-identified method for tile shining and cleaning. Fostering the best cleaning practices regularly can improve the beauty of your home.

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