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Garage & Workshop Flooring

SupraTile Garage & Workshop Flooring

Numerous world-class manufacturers and engineering companies have installed SupraTile flooring in their garages and workshops with great success.

For commercial or residential garages, workshops, and many other settings, this heavy-duty interlocking tile line is the perfect flooring solution.

In busy work environments, especially garages and workshops, the floor tiles are designed to be easy to maintain, easy to install, and impact resistant.

We offer a comprehensive range of interlocking floor tiles from SupraTile. These tiles have a R10 anti-slip rating, are fire retardant, and provide superior installation along with noise and dust reduction.

What makes the SupraTile Workshop Flooring Cover different?

The SupraTile interlocking flooring system was engineered with high traffic and durability in mind. 

Garage and workshop floors are designed to withstand heavy loads and objects, such as engine hoists and machinery, ensuring they will not weaken over time. Our flooring solution is used in factories and commercial garages by brands such as Formula 1, Jaguar and Landrover, so you can see the quality standards our tiles meet. 

We help our customers find the perfect garage and workshop flooring thickness and most cost-effective solution for their garage and workshop. With the SupraTile product range, we offer customers a full range of thickness and finishes, giving them the option to choose the SupraTile that fits their specifications best, giving them a far wider range of benefits than concrete floors.

Before & After

SupraTile Garage and Workshop Flooring

Color Range

Dark Gray

Light Gray









Garage and Workshop Floor Options

Textured Surface Tile-Supratile

Textured tile (6.5mm or 7mm) – Dovetail interlock

Commercial Tile - Supratile

Diamond tile (4.5mm) – Dovetail interlock

T-Joint Coin Pattern Tile

Coin tile (4.5mm or 6.5mm) – T-Joint interlock

Firehouse Flooring


We have created a gallery for you so you can see what SupraTile looks and does across a number of Garages and Workshops across the US and beyond.

Alternative To Epoxy Flooring

Interlocking tiles are a great alternative to garage floor coatings such as epoxy paint. Epoxy coatings take a long time to cure and are difficult to install on uneven subfloors, whereas the SupraTile range of tiles as easy to install and maintain in a variety of settings.

Install Images

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Garage Flooring Features


A strong, durable surface makes SupraTile industrial and commercial floor tiles superior to its competition when it comes to dealing with large machinery and pressure points, such as car lifts.

Slip Rating

The slip rating of our workshop flooring make it perfect for any spillages and chemical resistance needs and means no risk to health and safety standards.

A clean modern finish

Workshop floors with SupraTile provide a light, clean look, bringing a sense of style to any garage or workshop. Whether you have a busy classic car collection showroom, a busy workshop or a busy garage, SupraTile Garage and workshop flooring is ideal.

Workshop Guarantees

Often, garages and workshops are loud, and heavy items are difficult to protect from. In addition to reducing noise pollution, our flooring offers a protective surface that protects expensive tools such as drills.

Research and Development

The SupraTile research and development team is constantly improving our products on a daily basis, and this constant improvement is passed on to our customers’ projects, which is part of the reason for our leadership position in the commercial, industrial, and residential flooring markets, which includes garage flooring applications.

Vehicles and weight
Due to a chemical reaction caused by the tires, tires marks cannot be avoided on any surface except concrete, which is why dark colors such as black and dark grey are recommended. Based on your needs, we will recommend the right thickness and color for the finish and quality.
Used by big brands

Among the many industry-leading companies that have used our products are Halfords and Jaguar Land Rover. Their shops have been fitted with our flooring, as well as their production workshops including garages inside their factories.

Trained qualified staff

All aspects of your project will be managed by our knowledgeable staff. To ensure that the correct tile is offered, our staff has been highly trained to ask all of the right questions. We can offer our customers SupraTile based on several factors, including weight and chemical use.

Assurance and Quality

SupraTiles garage floor products are reviewed by our quality control team to ensure they are of the highest quality. You can be assured of high-quality garage floors when you purchase garage flooring from SupraTile. We are ISO9001 certified, and only the best companies and products earn this designation.

Garage Installation: DIY Guy

Full overview of a SupraTile garage install!

Installation Overview: Guidelines and Tips

Learn how easy it is to install SupraTile. Zero skills needed to install the floor yourself! 

Ford Auto Dealer Installation

See how quick and easy it is to install the SupraTile flooring system. This is a video of a 1 day installation at an auto shop dealer.

Product Overview Weight Traffic

See how industrial the SupraTile product line is. In this video we cover weight traffic. Virtually any type of vehicle can ride on our SupraTile flooring!  

Key Benefits

  • Easy to install flooring
  • We offer a free site survey
  • No damp proof membrane, screed or adhesives required
  • Reduces dust and noise
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Choice of 10 colors
  • Competitive Rates
  • US Manufacturers
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Lower life cycle cost
  • Easy to move and reuse
  • CE accredited
  • Excellent durability and slip resistance
  • Warm – insulates the floor
  • Fire retardant – Bfl S1
  • Reduces fatigue
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