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Type of Flooring To Choose For Your Property

What Type of Flooring To Choose For Your Property? 

Do you want to know what kind of flooring is best for a business setting? Below, we highlight a few of these elements. 


Hotel flooring needs to be both functional and stylish, with an appealing appearance that will please visitors and make them feel like they spent their money well. While many hotels choose ceramic flooring, this material is prone to cracking and it can be challenging to obtain the right tile with the right slip rating to suit your aesthetic preferences. Wooden floors and carpets just aren’t an option in areas with a lot of foot activity since dirt and certain shoe kinds can leave scratches and markings on wooden floors.


Luxury PVC tiles, are a brand-new choice for retail establishments including supermarkets and smaller shops. PVC interlocking tiles are simple to install, maintain, and, if necessary, replace. It is now resistant to heavy foot traffic and can accommodate big vehicles like pallet trucks and huge shopping trolleys thanks to new chemical treatment possibilities.


In a harsh environment, flooring may be not just a health and safety issue but also an expensive mistake. Our sales team visits major orders’ locations, such factories and warehouses, to determine the grade and thickness you’ll need for your project. Heavy trucks and manufacturing come into play when determining the necessities of a company’s environment. A porcelain floor is not an option, for instance, if there are large goods trucks like forklifts nearby that might break or drop big objects. A production office with carpeting on a factory floor is another example; with time, this will just get dirty and worn out.


The first thing that comes to mind for any gym is something that can take large weights and equipment yet is simple to maintain everyday and offers a long cycle. Most gyms nowadays will choose their flooring based on aesthetics, which in some cases may be a mistake and result in frequent repairs and a short lifespan, increasing cost. We advise against picking a gym floor based only on price; instead, opt to spend more money up front for a floor that will last a long time and incur minimum installation and maintenance expenditures.


Hospital and laboratory flooring may require particularly specialized flooring. When specialized equipment is utilized in numerous locations, factors like ESD and anti-static flooring may come into play. SupraTile Urban Tiles and Design Tiles are the most popular type of commercial flooring in the healthcare industry. Our tiles not only provides simple installation and maintenance, but it also allows for easy area replacement. A hygiene rating that enables these areas to fulfill certain cleaning standards and slip ratings is one of the biggest needs for hospital flooring. In hospitals, carpet and porcelain are no longer used because they fracture too easily and because they harbor too much bacteria and possibly parasites.


The leisure sector is one of the businesses that is expanding the fastest globally, and project managers and purchasing managers have a variety of alternatives when selecting their commercial floor. Again, PVC are common sports flooring options in this sector, while luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are preferred for conference spaces and other high-traffic areas.


No matter the business, selecting the proper industrial flooring presents a variety of difficulties. This is not a choice that should be hurried. All businesses and organizations should consider the elements we’ve outlined while making decisions.

  • Safety and health
  • Slip score
  • automobiles and traffic
  • Sounds
  • hygiene requirements
  • cycle of life
  • the direct sun
  • Chemical defense
  • static ant colonies
  • Budget

Still have questions about your floor? Contact our expert flooring team today to discuss options!

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