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Hidden Dovetail Flooring

Benefits of Hidden Dovetail Flooring for Commercial and Residential Areas

Hidden dovetail flooring works by interlocking the tiles together using dovetail joints. This flooring system is widely known in woodwork, but now it is extensively used in the making of floors as well. Hidden dovetail flooring is mainly concealed beneath the surface, creating a seamless and smooth surface above.

The dovetail hidden flooring technique firmly locks the tiles in their place and reduces movement. Due to non-friction and less movement, the tiles are durable for long-term structures. Hidden dovetail flooring is popular due to its minimalist design and lack of visible gaps. This technique creates a modern aesthetic look, especially for residential and commercial settings.

Hidden dovetail flooring redefines the flooring with a sleek and minimalist look. Given this, let’s explore how hidden dovetail flooring marks its durability and style in residential and commercial settings.

Exceptional Durability for Residential and Commercial Use

Hidden dovetail is not just the style and look, but incredible durability for residential and commercial settings. The interlocking technique of the floor system ensures the tiles are properly in place and can take care of high-traffic areas. This ideal technique in homes and commercial areas is crucial for stable structure and strong roots.

Versatile application for residential floors

Hidden dovetail interlocking tiles have gained popularity for their seamless designs and exceptional strength for residential areas. The benefits and key features of these interlocking tiles are diverse and can be seen in many residential places, with added strength and durability.

1: Hallways

Living rooms and hallways are the most trafficked areas in residential spaces. This space needs to withstand the constant weight and footsteps of people. The application of hidden dovetail tiles in living rooms and hallways provides a cohesive look with increasing style and a clean look.

2: Kitchen

Kitchens are the most demanding areas of the house. It needs to have a clean, spill-free surface. Any crack or space in the tile leads to a dirty look in the kitchen and increases the chances of moisture seeping through the tiles. Having the dovetail hidden tiles in the kitchen reduces the risk of moisture seeping through the tiles or any cracks as well. Rather, the flooring enhances the overall look with complementing kitchen aesthetics.

3: Bathroom

Just like kitchens, bathrooms are also very important spaces in a residential building that require the most attention towards the flooring. Having a water-resistant floor with easy installation and durability is a practical choice for any house.

Commercial Floor Application

In the commercial sector, the application of hidden dovetail is becoming more unique and prevalent. The commercial sector attracts people and heavy traffic. Often, the choice of flooring directly influences the business and purpose of commercial space. Here are the top commercial dovetail floor applications that add benefits to overall space.

1: Workspaces

Office areas demand a neat and clean floor. It needs to cater to high traffic and occasional furniture re-arranging. Having the floor done with hidden dovetail tiles provides an uplifting design that aligns with the office décor and strength required to sustain high foot traffic.

2: Retail store

In commercial sectors such as retail and boutiques, the office environment must be visually attractive. It is the enhanced flooring that attracts consumers in commercial stores these days. The hidden dovetail adds luxury appeal to the floor due to its unseen joints and shiny surface. The sleek touch adds a sophisticated environment and less distraction for consumers.

3: Healthcare facilities

Hospitals and clinics are the most important places in the commercial sector. These places need to be easily cleaned and must have a proper hygienic routine. The application of hidden dovetail flooring in the healthcare sector reduces the accumulating gaps between the tiles and possible bacteria in them. The interlocking tiles in such hidden joints are quickly sanitized and are designed to prevent any bacteria on the floor from spilling water.

Hidden Joint is a Sustainable Choice

For the residential and commercial sectors, the use of hidden joint flooring has increased eco-friendly sustainable practices. The manufacturing of these tiles contributes to the increasing lifespan of flooring and reduces financial stress and replacement. Additionally, the manufacturing of the interlocking tiles using sustainable materials leads to conscious green practices and directly contributes to the environment.

Hidden dovetail flooring from Supra Tiles is a masterpiece and the perfect blend of strength. Hidden dovetail flooring comes in many colors suitable for all occasions, and you can design your personal or commercial spaces with solid foundations. 

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