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At first glance when comparing the price of SupraTile to other flooring systems such as vinyl, paint or resins, it may appear that SupraTile interlocking systems are more expensive. However when you take into account the following points, SupraTiles are a more resilient product that actually costs less.

-The SupraTile range varies in thickness from 7mm to 4mm compared to vinyl, paints and resin which are usually no more than 1.5mm thick. This gives the SupraTile range the advantage of being a more resilient and durable flooring system for your money.

-SupraTile can be laid over damaged, damp or uneven surfaces and unlike other flooring products do not require any special skills to install. In most cases it is not necessary to glue SupraTiles hence saving on specialist contractors, floor screeds and adhesives.

-SupraTile, once installed, can be used immediately hence there is very little disruption to the environment where it is being installed unlike competitors’ products which can often require a period of 24 – 48 hours before the floor can be used, hence saving money on down-time. This is extremely relevant when installing the tiles in a factory or assembly environment.

-Financial companies are often willing to finance the cost of an SupraTile floor as it is not seen as a fixed asset and can be removed and sold again. As a loose lay system it can also be treated as an asset in a company’s accounts and written down annually accordingly. There are tax advantages for companies to do this.

-If moving to new premises SupraTile can be removed and easily installed again.

-SupraTile is 100% recyclable.

The tiles are made from 100% PVC compound and we also offer a range of recycled tiles in black and grey.

You can use your SupraTile floor immediately after it has been installed. This is one of the many advantages of the SupraTile flooring system.

We recommend that our 7mm industrial dovetail tile is used in environments where forklift trucks or very heavy traffic is present. For all other areas the thickness and surface design is a matter of customer choice.

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