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The U.S.'s Premier Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Interlocking Floor Tile Company

See the benefits of SupraTile PVC interlocking Tiles below 

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Why Choose SupraTile?

SupraTile is the industry’s leading product line for interlocking floor tiles. Not hollow and noisy like standard polypropylene garage floor tiles.

Great for virtually any use: garages, storage areas, hangars, warehouses, plants, factories, auto shops, loading docks, offices, gyms, trailers and more. Manufactured from the highest quality, industrial grade base materials. Easy to install with just a rubber mallet and a pair of snips or small electric saw to trim around edges. Highly resistant to chemicals and dirt. Easy cleaning with any mild cleaner and water. No waxing or other maintenance required. SupraTiles are oversized (18″-20.5″ square, see technical data). Super hard 92 durometer for minimum compression and many, many years of long service life.

Supratile offers the most reliable and durable industrial, retail, and residential flooring solution on the market, assuring the best lifetime value to leading brands and residential garage floors in the US. We offer the finest quality and most durable interlocking solution for superior ROI, zero to minimal downtime with a quick and easy installation.  Using a variety of colours, finishes, textures and quick-joining options, SupraTile produces the toughest and top tiles with ease. Our basic additions are versatile and can be used in industrial, office, retail, factory and warehouse environments. SupraTile offers all the look and even more for your home or business, vehicle garage, or gym.
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Learn why we are leaders in the floor tile industry:

Best Raw Materials

Best Raw Materials

With our tiles, we reduce noise and dust because we use the best raw materials.

Competitive Prices

Competitive Prices

We strive to keep our prices competitive while simultaneously providing the best safety and floor protection.

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Top Results

Care and precision in manufacturing means top results with our leading industrial and commercial tiles.

Tile wide Range

Wide Range of Styles

Colors, prints, surfaces, and textures that elevate spaces visually.

Project Management

Design & Urban Collection

Stylish designer & urban tiles to give your environment a clean and polished appearance.


Damp Proof

SupraTiles industrial flooring and commercial flooring tiles require no dampproof membrane, screed, or adhesive.


Ideal for All Industries

With our tiles, you can install them anywhere – whether you are in a commercial, industrial, or residential setting.

Strict Quality Assurance

Strict Quality Assurance

 Quality assurance and standards are strictly adhered to at our company, with our CE accreditation and ISO 9001 compliance.

Extra Insulation

Extra Insulation

Our tiles provided extra insulation for cold spaces or during colder seasons.

Did We Mention Simple, Speedy Installation?

The benefits of interlocking tiles from easy installation to endless possibilities. Our premium tiles are easily installed with minimal prep, eliminating stress for you and your team. As a flooring solution that requires minimal effort and is easily installed, SupraTile systematic ingenuity eliminates any extra headaches that other flooring solutions would cause. For the best interlocking tile solution today, we prioritize your needs, time and resources.

Our Blog and News Offer Innovative and Popular Insights, Trends and the Latest Use Case and Application of SupraTile Flooring Tiles.

See what’s happening in the SupraTile News lately, and for helpful hints, insights and more info on application and use of our top flooring tiles, check out our blog!

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Still need convincing? See more...

Sustainable & Economically friendly

Precision, care, and environmental responsibility go into the production of every tile. Using recycled materials that maintain quality, sustainability, and stability, SupraTile Manufacturing offers tile solutions that are efficient and effective. Utilizing numerous cycles of reuse, our leading methodology ensures that the raw materials we use are always environmentally friendly and efficient. With today’s number one floor tile, you can reduce your carbon footprint and step into the future. For a truly innovative solution, our tools, technology, facilities, and team of experts will always consider your safety and that of Mother Nature.

Easy cleaning & Maintenance

We are committed to maintaining excellence in the production and provision of innovative tiles and solutions that effectively benefit businesses and homeowners. To maximize productivity and time, shouldn’t flooring tile installation be straightforward and simple? Because of this, SupraTile Manufacturing continues to meet and exceed individual and company expectations for easy cleaning and optimal hygiene. By combining our simple interlocking floor system with sophisticated engineering, we minimize downtime for businesses and simplify cleaning at home. Besides being able to install SupraTile tiles in a matter of hours, our product also provides excellent ROI on maintenance expenses, so every minute is a minute earned and every penny spent wisely.

Quick installation

Developing and maintaining industrial-grade flooring tiles with expert knowledge and consideration of your needs is our top priority. Enjoy a remarkable user experience with expertly engineered materials without the hassles of serious cleaning, supplies, or heavy-duty equipment. Innovative machinery allows us to provide our customers with easy control over hygiene, sterility, and dust removal. Using SupraTile, you can say goodbye to grime and dirt, and achieve a new level of cleanliness.

Style & color

A great team work, combined with research and knowledge, can deliver an outstanding final product. SupraTile Manufacturing has developed a methodology and approach to meeting customer needs. Our floors come in various designs that go hand-in-hand with practical durability, sustainability, and outstanding quality. Your SupraTile tiles can be mixed and matched perfectly for anything from a chic, retro or classic look and are hand crafted by our team for a lifetime of value and style. From our collection of colors, textures, finishes and design edition, we have everything a residential, commercial or industrial space needs to enjoy the advantages of top quality solution.


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