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Heat-Beating Tiles Flooring System

Stay Cool in This Summer with Heat-Beating Tiles Flooring System

Summer is here, and with the rising temperature, there is a need to keep our home cool and comfortable. The top priority is to make the home heat-free and cool, while air conditioning is an asset. It often leads to higher energy bills as well. Thus, it is the right time to introduce a much more sustainable and reliable way of making your home cool with tile flooring. Tile flooring is not only sustainable but also a cost-effective solution in this scorching summer.

In this blog, we will explore how tiles have a cooling effect during this summer season and can really transform your home into a cool summer retreat.

The Cooling Nature of Tiles

Tiles are known for their cool and comfortable properties. It is an excellent choice for these hot summers, and we have all the right reasons for having tile flooring this summer. So let’s dive into it.

1: Heat conductivity

Tiles are made from ceramic and porcelain sand. It has a high natural thermal conductivity. This means they can quickly absorb and dissipate heat. They can stay cooler even in hot weather. Unlike other materials, tiles have the capacity to transfer heat quickly and ensure the house stays cool in the evening. This property of tiles makes them particularly beneficial in homes that receive direct sunlight.

2: Heat Resistance

As much as tiles are a good source of heat conductivity, they are also very heat-resistant. Tiles don’t trap heat like carpets and hardwood floors. They resist the absorption of heat and maintain a lower surface temperature throughout the day. This characteristic of tile is very crucial during the summer months, especially when outdoor temperatures can soar to high degrees. However, tiles keep the in-house temperature as cool as possible.

3: Reflective nature

Heat conductivity and resistance are the only properties of tiles. Little do people know that tiles have a reflective nature as well. They have the ability to reflect sunlight and reduce heat absorption. This is more prevalent in light-colored tiles, as they can maintain a lower temperature and brightness in your rooms. Choosing the right color of tiles impacts your home comfort during the summer.

Benefits of Tiles in Hot Summers

Now that you know about the cooling nature and properties of the tiles during the summer season, it is also beneficial to consider their cost-effective features, especially during the summer months.

1: Energy Efficiency

Due to the cooling properties of tiles, the dependency on air conditioning is reduced to its maximum level. This led to lower energy consumption and utility bills. This energy efficiency not only saves money but also has a positive impact on the environment with regard to carbon footprints. In the long run, tiles are a good investment for saving.

2: Improve indoor air quality.

Tiles are the easiest to clean, as they don’t trap dust or pollen. This is a favorable added feature of tiles this summer, as it reduces the allergy season. This contributes to better indoor air quality and a healthier living environment. Families with allergies often have to visit doctors or a cleaner for hypoallergenic flooring options that support better air quality and health indoors.

3: Durable and Low Maintenance

With their high absorption and resistance properties, tiles are also a low-maintenance option. They can withstand high foot traffic, spills, and summer activities without showing wear and tear. They are easy to clean, making them ideal for busy households. A quick sweep and mop on these tiles makes them look as new as before. The durability of tiles is great and can function for many years.

Why Choose Supra Tiles This Summer?

At Supratiles, we offer a wide range of high-quality tiles that are not only perfect for keeping your home cool this summer but add elements of design and style as well. Our expert team at Supratiles is available to make your home a designer stop with the best tailored style and needs because we understand tiles are more than style. It is a practice solution to make you comfortable at home this summer.

So book your next appointment with the SupraTiles professional team for installation and maximize the desired cooling effect over time.

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