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Sustainable Commercial Tiles and Eco-friendly options for Business Workspaces

Sustainable Commercial Tiles and Eco-friendly options for Business Workspaces

In times when environmental consciousness is at its high, increasingly striving businesses are aligning their practices to sustain goals and certifications. Sustainable materials are one of the crucial aspects which gained significant traction in green building practices. There are no exception in commercial tiles being integral part of interior designs. In this article we will discuss sustainable commercial tiles, to create more environment responsible spaces. Further some of the eco-friendly options for business workspaces will also be discussed. 

Sustainable Commercial tiles: An Overview

Keeping in mind environment, sustainable commercial tiles are designed. For minimizing ecological footprint many factors are kept in mind during production, use and disposal of tiles. Let’s discuss eco-friendly options which businesses can embraces.

  1. Recycled Tiles

Best example of sustainable commercial tiles are recycled tiles. Post-consumers or post-industrial waste materials, e.g ceramics, reclaimed tiles and glass are used in recycled tiles manufacturing. Businesses can reduce environmental impact significantly by diverting waste from landfills and giving it new shape as pretty tiles.

  1. Porcelain Tiles

Low maintenance requirements, durability makes porcelain tiles makes famous and gives more sustainability. To reduce the need for replacements over time porcelain tiles are fired at high temperature, which make them highly resistant to wear and tear. Fewer chemicals are used for cleaning as these tiles are naturally non-porous.

  1. Low-VOC tiles 

In some building materials and tiles Volatile Organic Compounds VOC are found as these are harmful chemicals. To improve indoor air quality, contributing in employees healthier workspaces, Low-VOC tiles are manufactured with glazes and adhesives which emit minimal harmful chemicals.

  1. Natural Stone Tiles

For sustainability and longevity natural stones tiles are best known for, but they are not manufactured in traditional sense. If these tiles are properly maintained they can last for decades and reduce the need for conserving resources and replacements

  1. Glass Tiles

Not visually appealing but eco-friendly glass tiles are made from recycled glass. Reducing the need for harsh cleaning chemicals, resistant to staining and easy to clean as glass tiles are non-porous.

Benefits of Sustainable Commercial Tiles

  1. Reduced Environmental Impact: Businesses can help in adding resource conservation, reduce energy consumption in tile manufacturing and their waste reduction, by choosing sustainable commercial tiles.
  2. Healthier Indoor Environment: For building healthier indoor environment for employees and visitors, reducing the risk of respiratory problems and allergies LOW-VOC and non-toxic tiles are used.
  3. Cost Saving: For durability and low maintenance requirements, sustainable tiles can be cost saving for long-term but they are slightly higher upfront cost price.
  4. Positive Brand Image: To showcasing their environment responsible choices made by businesses in designs and construction can enhance brand image by committing toward sustainability. 
  5. Compliance with Regulations: Sustainability commercial tiles are necessity for some business in many regions and industries now a days to compliance with sustainability standards.


Sustainability commercial tiles becomes increasingly important as businesses are accepting toward green building practices. From cost saving for positive branding, healthier planet with proving numerous benefits for businesses, eco-friendly options contributes toward many more benefits. For taking significant step forward into environmentally responsible and sustainable future, incorporating sustain tiles into projects can help move forward. By making small choices into sustainability path, sustainable commercial tiles can give business positive impact and meaningful ways for healthier planet.

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