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What is PVC

What is PVC, and is it Durable? 

PVC has numerous useful qualities. Some of PVC features: Let’s examine its advantages. Inexpensive and widely available PVC is cost-effective and performs well. In pipes, PVC is commonly selected over copper since it provides the same work for less money. It’s less expensive than other products to make and readily accessible, too. Durable Tensile strength …

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Firehouse Flooring

What is the Most Durable Flooring Option for Fire Stations?

A firehouse desired to improve the floor of its fire station. They need a solution that could resist the immense weight of water-filled emergency vehicles and permit the station to be utilized as a refuge during natural catastrophes. Their epoxy-coated concrete floor, which was twenty years old, was severely damaged by moisture, high vehicle traffic, …

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Anit Static Flooring

Anit-Static Flooring

The static dissipative or conductive SupraTile anti-static floor tiles are intended for use in locations where components or people need to be safeguarded from the risk of anti-static charge. Robotic facilities, medical facilities, and other type of enviroments are ideal candidates for the SupraTile ESD floor tiles. With little downtime to install the floor, 100% …

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