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Which is the best Type of Texture Tile for Floor Design

Before the modern era, finishing a large surface with mouldings and cornices was difficult. It requires extra labor and material to complete the surface look. In some cases, craft expertise was required to complete the plasterwork and timber joinery on the floor surface. However, this all changed with the modern era and its craftiness in design and material. Modern interior designers used various types of titles within their budget to create sophisticated building floors and a visually appealing look for the room. In the present day, the practice of using texture tiles is rapidly growing, and many light reflective textures are introduced for the space. Some of the best texture tiles of the modern era are as follows.

1: Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tile is the most commonly used texture tile design. Mosaic tiles are small pieces of glass or other glossy material. They are grouped together in a panel to create a different texture. The design depends on the material used and the size of the tile. Mosaic tiles are smaller in size than regular tiles, but they are more defined and quality based as compared to the other tiles. It is due to the glossy material or layers that mosaic tiles are easy to clean and maintain. Such tiles are more commonly used inside the home to create a more intimate atmosphere.

2: Polished Tiles

Polishing tiles are another most way to sort out tiles for buildings and homes. Polishing is mostly done with granite and marble, but sometimes designers also use natural stones for polished purposes. Polished tile brings the best kind of light and a full range of tones to the space. Its high-definition gloss and smooth finishing allow many designers to make them fit in home spaces. Polished tiles are best when used with one single color and veining of stone in pattern form. The natural characteristics of polished tiles are best associated with designs for a luxurious feel and high-end place. Most of the time, polished tiles are used for high-light reflective floors and are reserved for indoors. They do require some attention and maintenance.

3: Man-made Texture Tiles

When it comes to creativity and craftiness, man-made textured tiles are also among the best texture tile types. Man-made texture tiles are crafted from glossy material, ceramic, or porcelain raw material. The texture and finishing of this type of tile are unique and have their own distinctive style. Based on the craftsmanship, the tiles can be multi-dimensional, glossy, or have hand-made textures as well. The most prominent feature of this tile is its mimic of a natural surface and a degree of light reflection. The maintenance of this tile is most difficult as it adores handcraftsmanship and elegant design.

4: Pattern tiles

Repetitive in nature and mostly made from motifs, pattern tiles are also popular with many due to their texture and smooth visual appeal. Pattern tiles are rarely used in floor design, but their gentle relief and surface look create a contrasting view. Pattern tiles are the most difficult to place in a floor design because they have irregular patterns and colors. The mix and match of the pattern with other tiles creates a conflicting appeal. However, for small spaces, pattern is used to make the room more in-depth and complete.


Floor designing and finishing is a hectic task that requires time and concentration. The flooring defines a welcoming note to its residents, from open-space buildings to comfortable homes and rooms. In terms of texture tiles, polished tiles are the most well-known for floor design and finishing. It requires less time and thus has high-quality maintenance. Their implementation is affordable, and lastly, it brings a luxurious and high-end look to the home and space.    

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