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ESD and Anti-Static Flooring

Electrostatic charge, which is particularly common in workplaces due to electronic gadgets and personnel, can occur when two electrically charged objects come into touch and generate static electricity. Electrostatic discharge can lead to bigger issues like immediate and latent machine breakdowns in environments using electrical equipment and products.

It’s crucial to have a flooring solution in place that can control and mitigate the effects of electrostatic charge; typically, you would think of anti-static or ESD flooring as your option. You must be aware of the differences between each type of flooring and your personal environmental needs in order to choose the best flooring option. To help you with this decision, we’ve listed below the most frequently asked questions about ESD and anti-static flooring.


In order to lessen the electrostatic charge from flooring, electronics, and physical contact, electrostatic discharge flooring (ESD) was developed using a variety of materials. An ESD flooring solution functions as a conductor to consciously direct electrical current flow and control, as well as to lessen or completely eliminate electrostatic discharge, which frequently occurs in workplaces as a result of workers moving around a factory and operating machinery and can cause a shock. This occurs more frequently in industrial, warehouse, and manufacturing settings.


The prevention of static electric accumulation is also referred to as anti-static flooring. To prevent the static buildup that causes a shock, anti-static flooring is made with a topcoat surface that controls and dissolves static across the surface. Customers typically want this floor because electric static shock is a common source of discomfort; but, after further conversation, they may realize that it is not as durable as they may need for their working environment.


You must decide the degree of protection needed before thinking about buying a floor to safeguard your workers and equipment. Anti-static flooring is appropriate for more common residential electric static accumulation, which is less dangerous and more of a nuisance. Because the resistance range of anti-static flooring is only between 109 and 10 to 11, static cannot be produced on the floor. The flooring won’t produce any more static as a result, but this does not protect against static accumulation that has already taken place in a person’s body.

A more powerful solution is needed in areas where electrostatic accumulation can result in worker injuries, equipment failure, and machinery/product malfunction. For settings with high traffic and use, such industrial or manufacturing, ESD flooring is seen to be a more durable and long-lasting option. Due to the abundance of electrically charged objects that are susceptible to electrostatic buildup, these surroundings have a tendency to have higher levels of electrostatic buildup. ESD flooring offers a better level of protection because it is grounded. The design of ESD flooring permits any electronic charge, including the electrostatic charge from a person to the floor, to be passed through the flooring.


Both flooring options can be employed in a variety of settings because they both reduce electrostatic charge. What amount of protection is required for your company and what are the dangers of excessive levels of electrostatic discharge to your operations are the primary issues. Electronic equipment in your company may suffer unfavorable impacts from even a small electrostatic discharge. ESD flooring is frequently used in industries with a high risk of harm to electronic goods, including IT, automotive, aviation, oil, gas, and the medical field, to prevent electrostatic build-up from interfering with machinery and goods.


Whichever flooring you choose, both are simple to install and require little upkeep. You can save time and money on installation by installing most ESD and anti-static flooring over pre-existing sub-flooring, such as SupraTile’s ESD floor tiles.

Like any floor, it’s crucial to maintain and clean your floors on a regular basis and to the best of your ability. Although ESD and anti-static flooring is simple to clean, it is crucial to use cleaners that are specifically made to work with these materials. Because they contain an anti-static component, which is crucial for removing static buildup, anti-static cleaning products are made to safeguard and maintain floors to a high quality.

Normal floor cleaning chemicals come with a high risk of increased susceptibility to static buildup, which over time could harm your flooring and necessitate replacement. You can feel confident that your floor will survive longer by selecting a neutral PH flooring chemical to preserve the top layers of your floors.

As an alternative, many sealants are readily available and provide comparable protection as ESD or Anti-static for your floors in order to fend against static electricity. These sealants, however, are notorious for being difficult to apply and requiring frequent upkeep.


ESD and anti-static flooring are both available in a number of hues and designs. Since keeping your company’s brand is important to us at SupraTile, we take great pride in our extensive selection of ESD/Anti-static flooring that is available in a broad variety of styles and colors that can be incorporated into any type of business.


An excellent solution if you are concerned about the security of your workers and electronic equipment is to invest in ESD. Our ESD/Anti-static flooring solution at SupraTile is a long-lasting option for your company that is also more environmentally responsible. It is also simple to install, clean, and maintain. Our ESD flooring offers you and your company an extra level of convenience by being simple to relocate and reuse in the event that your floors are damaged.


Get in contact with us right away if you’re not sure which flooring option is appropriate for your company’s requirements. Our staff of professionals can walk you through each option and respond to all of your concerns because they have experience working in the ESD and anti-static flooring industries. We study the finer points of your business inquiries to make sure that all necessary requirements are met.

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