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PVC Interlocking Floor Tiles

Ideas for PVC Interlocking Floor Tiles’ Flooring

You have finally chosen to renovate the garage. After many years of rearranging goods that have not been used in decades, you have finally realized that you may never use these items again. Day by day, the idea of renovating your garage gets clearer and clearer as the bulky objects begin to leave. Then there is the treadmill, boxes, and miscellaneous stuff that is just accumulating dust. 

SupraTile Interlocking Tiles? What are they made of? 

Now that the space is clear, it is time to put your strategy into action. You may envision a workout room, playroom, bar, fitness center, workshop, or organizing station. Whatever the case, you will still want flooring to improve the coarse cement foundation floor. In general, flooring may be pricey, and most homeowners prefer to keep room renovations on a budget. This is where SupraTile Interlocking Tiles come into play. SupraTile tiles are very durable and available in a variety of shapes and colors to accommodate any house or commercial space renovation. We will examine a few scenarios in SupraTiles might be utilized in lieu of costly flooring. This flooring option is not only more cost-effective but also more aesthetically pleasing.

SupraTile is made out of PVC molds provides for a broad variety of designs. Before hardening, the substance is molten. Then, any color or molding template may be incorporated. This allows our manufacturing and product development team to be creative and develop classic and design tiles depending on the situation. A household gaming area may prefer smooth tiles, while a car dealership may want rough ones. The designer may construct almost anything for any location. Many floor finishes are available to complete the transformation.

Home Gym

Many Americans are taking workout equipment into their homes since COVID-19 happened 2 years ago. Where will they place their rowing machine, bike, treadmill or freewights? SupraTile Interlocking tiles are a perfect solution for a home gym. You may position them wherever in your house or apartment to protect the laminate flooring from your workout equipment. Every tile has a little gap on the bottom that absorbs impact and distributes weight. Lighter means less floor impact.

Garage and Workshop

SupraTile is a high-traffic, durable interlocking flooring technology. For garages and workshops, SupraTile is a great alternative to epoxy floor due to it’s no prep installation. With SupraTile, we provide a broad spectrum of thicknesses and finishes, offering clients the choice to pick the tile that best suits their criteria, providing them considerably more advantages than concrete floors. SupraTile comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and patterns that would turn any room into a brand new floor with minimal prep. 

Check out this YouTuber who redid his garage floor with SupraTile!

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