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What is PVC

What is PVC, and is it Durable? 

PVC has numerous useful qualities.

Some of PVC features:

  • 1.38 g/cm3 PVC density.
  • Low-cost: inexpensive.
  • PVC is long lasting
  • High tensile strength (2.6 N/mm2) means it’s hard to break.
  • PVC doesn’t carry electricity, making it a fantastic insulator.
  • PVC extinguishes fires slowly because it includes chlorine and minimal oxygen.

Let’s examine its advantages.

Inexpensive and widely available

PVC is cost-effective and performs well. In pipes, PVC is commonly selected over copper since it provides the same work for less money.

It’s less expensive than other products to make and readily accessible, too.


Tensile strength is the capacity to withstand cross-pulls.

Lightweight, long-lasting PVC. It’s shock-, corrosion-, and weather-resistant. It’s great for building, shipping, and cabling.


Tensile strength is the capacity to withstand cross-pulls.

PVC’s chemical structure makes it difficult to break. SupraTile PVC floors are almost indestructible, which is why they are a great solution for a variety of residential and commercial floors. 

Fire Resistant

As a fire retardant, PVC can stop the intensity and spread of fires. Why? Because it has a combination of chlorine without much oxygen.

Chemical Resistant

Because of PVC’s structure, it doesn’t chemically react with many substances. PVC rarely corrodes or otherwise reacts when it comes into contact with other chemicals and substances such as oils, inorganic acids, fats, salts, bases, and alcohols.

That’s why SupraTile Interlocking Tiles are excellent for almost any usage, including offices, gyms, trailers, loading docks, auto shops, hangars, warehouses, plants, factories, storage facilities, and more. SupraTile is made using industrial-grade base materials of the greatest quality. With just a rubber mallet and some scissors or a tiny electric saw to cut the edges, installation is simple. Very anti-corrosive and dirt resistant. Simple cleaning with water and any mild cleanser. There is no need for upkeep such as waxing. SupraTiles are larger than standard tiles (18′′ to 20.5′′ square; see technical data). 92 durometer super hardness ensures little compression and a very extended service life.

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