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Supra Tiles Tips for Clean Floors During the Holiday Season

Spotless Celebrations: Supra Tiles Tips for Clean Floors During the Holiday Season

Every dream comes with a nightmare, and this magical holiday dream is bound to come with some dirt and mud nightmares in the house. Maintaining a spotless home floor becomes an absolute tiresome activity when there is snowfall and mud overall. Thus, your flooring needs extra care and attention over these holiday celebrations to keep your festival bright and cheerful. Supra Tile brings you exclusive tips on making your home party-proof and protecting the floor from the aftermath of holiday festivities.

1: Daily Maintenance Routine

Daily maintenance is the foundation for cleaning and keeping your tiles spotless. Using a damp mop with mild floor cleaner is suitable for all tile flooring. It will remove the dirt and mud from the floor and give it a fresh and inviting vibe. A daily maintenance routine is essential for tile floors, as it will ensure less activity to remove spots. This holiday, invest in a microfiber mop that is effective in cleaning and drying tiles. Microfiber mop is best for maintaining the sparkling look of the tiles.

2: Protective measures at entryways.

This holiday season, all celebrations will take place near the fireplace or inside the warm house. Thus increasing the high traffic with a lot of mud, dirt, and snow debris from outside. Placing a sturdy doormat at the door and hallways is a sure way of catching dirt and muddy feet inside the home. Absorbent doormats near the doors will trap the water from wet shoes and prevent it from spreading on the floor. These days, doormats come in a variety of motifs and patterns that add charm to the house. These doormats are eco-friendly and can be cleaned effectively at home.

3: Shoe Removal

This is a bit tricky, and it would require a lot of effort from the host side, but guests can be encouraged to remove their dirty shoes at the door and use in-house slippers to reduce the dirt and mud. Adding a shoe rack near the entrance and providing a carpeted floor for the guest for a warm welcome ensures less muddy mess inside the house.

4: Grout Cleaning Techniques

With wood flooring or tiles, having grout lines is susceptible to stains and discoloration. The holiday season can have spilling accidents, and these extra grout lines can store spills in them, making the floor look dirty. These extra grout lines can demand a little extra care and attention. It is highly recommended that you apply the dishwasher solution with baking soda and water with a soft brush. This will clean the dirty and muddy spot effortlessly. For a bit of a tough spot, you can use vinegar with water or any commercial grout cleaner. It is important to keep the grout maintenance regular to keep the floor visually appealing.

5: Swift stain response

Accidents happen, and spills can strain your flooring during a festival gathering. Having a microfiber strain remover cloth is a pro tip to keep your floor spotless. With swift response and movement, the floor strain can be removed, and the tile surface will look as new as before. Regular cleavage and clean grout lines prevent discoloration. Warm water is sufficient to keep the floor strain-free without causing any harm to the floor.


The holiday brings people together to share some magical moments. In the hustle and bustle of the season, spotless tile floors can be achieved through a combination of daily maintenance, protective measures, and gentle grout cleaning. Using sustainable solutions to keep the floor clean, like door mats and rugs, ensures cleanliness and a cheerful festival.

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