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Holiday Flooring trends for festive homes

Holiday Flooring trends for festive homes

Winter brings holiday with it, and as the holiday season approaches in our homes, it prompts us to create our personal space to show a warm and festive vibe. Everyone becomes active in décor and crafting their own magical personal space. However, one aspect that is often overlooked in such decorating and refurnishing is flooring. Flooring in the home is an essential element that highlights the décor, ranging from cosy vibes to warm festivity. It can either make or break your magical space.

As the holiday season kicked in, we looked at the most cost-effective flooring trends and decorating ideas that could change the overall look of your home and bring that timeless charm to your festivity.

1: Let’s warm the floor with cosy carpets.

The winter season brings snowfall and a temperature drop. At this time of the year, there is nothing better than to dip your feet on the warm and velvety carpet. The soft and velvety touch of the carpet in the house brings intricate cosiness and a whimsical holiday look. The carpet colour can be of your choice and evoke festivity and feature motifs as well. But having carpet flooring is a comfortable and cost-effective way to bring a new look to the house with your budget under control.

2: Timeless wood flooring

Some of the houses tend to have a more classic look rather than a warm and soft touch. The hardwood flooring is for those décors that complement the home internally with a traditional look with a massive touch of luxury and a fancy feel. These days, hardwood flooring can be made from wide wood planks or herringbone patterns that visually interest your space. They are also sophisticated, with long-term longevity and versatility. With sound investment in place, hardwood flooring lasts the holiday season with much prom and show.

3: Festive Tiles

Shining and spotless, tiles are preferred over other decorative flooring today as well. Tile infuses your home space with captivating designs and colours. The incorporation of tiles in the kitchen and halls with other decorations brings out the design and creativity. Currently, tiles are found in many playful patterns and colours that go with the whimsical magic of the holiday in style and material. With a wide range of styles, tiles are a durable option for extending the celebration décor to its maximum level.

4: Elegant vinyl floor

Vinyl flooring has come a long way in terms of design and aesthetics. People are opting for luxury vinyl flooring that mimics hardwood or stone for an elegant and practical flooring solution. Vinyl flooring is a very resilient option for perfect holiday homes, usually in high-traffic areas. It can be used in a variety of beautiful shades to complement the holiday spirit and function in a variety of ways.

Supra Tiles for all Festivity and Holidays

Holiday spirit demands a special touch in the homes that bring family and friends together. Through decorating homes with a unique look, the elegance of tiles or wood floors brings playful charm to the house. The best way to bring the element of warmth and holiday to your home is to transform your personal space with Supra Tiles. It is a perfect blend of modern-style décor with luxury colours and finishing. Supra Tiles are available throughout the season in captivating patterns that draw on classic elegance and durability with easy installation and implementation. Tiles are set in a joyful joint gathering that elevates your space with style and sharp magic.

You can check the Supra Tiles inventory for the perfect touch of décor and colour for your personalised holiday magic.

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