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Anit Static Flooring

Anit-Static Flooring

The static dissipative or conductive SupraTile anti-static floor tiles are intended for use in locations where components or people need to be safeguarded from the risk of anti-static charge. Robotic facilities, medical facilities, and other type of enviroments are ideal candidates for the SupraTile ESD floor tiles. With little downtime to install the floor, 100% dust free with not prep involved before installation, SupraTiles are a great alternative for commercial spaces looking for a durable and long lasting floor.

When utilized in conjunction with an earthing kit and conductive matrix, SupraTile ESD interlocking floor tiles will provide a safe conductive floor that may serve as your primary ground thanks to an injection molding method that guarantees a permanent ESD performance.

To make sure that your project meets all the demands placed on your floor, our Flooring experts will talk to you about the the project details.  It is no longer as simple as choosing the best color because there are so many considerations to make. With the addition of health and safety regulations, commercial flooring has advanced significantly. Considerations such as the usage of machines and chemicals are necessary. One of the last and most crucial things we consider is project type, branding, and color scheme. We have utilized our commercial flooring to delineate spaces and match brand colors to maintain cohesiveness in the workspace.

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