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Firehouse Flooring

What is the Most Durable Flooring Option for Fire Stations?

A firehouse desired to improve the floor of its fire station. They need a solution that could resist the immense weight of water-filled emergency vehicles and permit the station to be utilized as a refuge during natural catastrophes.

Their epoxy-coated concrete floor, which was twenty years old, was severely damaged by moisture, high vehicle traffic, and accidents. There were several cracks in the concrete. The fractures originated from the expansion joints in the concrete.

The Outcome

ArmorPoxy’s SupraTile interlocking tiles provides a nonslip, seamless flooring solution that is resistant to hot-tire pickup, high vehicle traffic, UV radiation, and all types of severe wear, including impacts and abrasions.

The needs of today’s firehouses are met by SupraTile’s firehouse flooring collection, which was created for firehouse surroundings. SupraTile is a fantastic floor covering for any firehouse since it interlocks, increasing security and sturdiness.

The SupraTile firehouse flooring option is constructed from durable PVC that can endure high point loads and impact. The SupraTile collection’s exclusive dovetail or T-Joint interlocking technology not only makes installation quick and simple.

SupraTiles floor tiles offer a safe and affordable flooring solution for your firehouse. They can also survive daily wear and tear to keep up with the number of commodities traveling through them. Interlocking floor tiles are essential, whether you are the captain or the outside management of the firehouse.


  • High wear, impact, abrasion, and hot-tire pickup resistant
  • Quick installation
  • UV resistant—will not yellow
  • Very low maintenance-reduces floor care
  • Slip-resistant
  • No VOC
  • Engineered for heavy traffic
  • Minimal floor preparation 
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