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Checklist For Factory Floors

Checklist For Factory Floors

We’ve put up a list of crucial aspects to consider while selecting new flooring for your factory. This list will assist you in locating the ideal industrial flooring without you making any mistakes. 

When maintaining or modernizing factories or warehouses, plant managers must first consider quality, price, and viability. You require a flooring option that doesn’t sacrifice quality in order to achieve a reduced cost.


Heavy foot traffic and machine use are typical in factories, so you need a floor that can withstand these strains.

Health and safety

On manufacturing floors, the security of both workers and equipment is crucial. A manufacturing flooring solution that is slip-resistant, CE-accredited, and fire-resistant is crucial.


The color and branding of your floor may have a significant influence on how your factory looks and feels. You should think about the flooring type you believe will bring the most value and if branding should be there.

Purchase from a trustworthy flooring company like SupraTile that employs high-quality raw materials and production techniques, provides a guarantee, and has excellent client happiness.


You need to think about a flooring choice that is quick and simple to install and doesn’t disrupt your production because maintenance and updating your factory shouldn’t interfere with any work operations.

Installation of flooring that is simple to clean and maintain is essential. A manufacturing floor that is simple to wash, dries fast, and doesn’t let water seep through the tiles into your subfloor is necessary.


With some floor kinds, particularly epoxy resin, it might be difficult to replace flooring every few years, which can lead to a variety of practical issues. The greatest flooring option is one with a longer lifespan since it will require less maintenance over time.

This is where your next flooring project begins. Contact our expert flooring team today at SupraTile. 

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