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Interlocking Floor Tiles

Five Benefits of Interlocking Floor Tiles

Interlocking tiles are PVC tiles that are connected via an interlocking joint system. SupraTile offers interlocking tiles that can be used in various indoor environments, such as factories, garages, warehouses, offices, automotive shops, firehouses, supermarkets, shopping centers, hospitals, convenience stores, gas stations, and many more use cases. 

We will discuss five incredible benefits of using interlocking tiles. 

Simple Installation

The installation simplicity of interlocking tiles is one of it’s greatest benefits. The technique of installing interlocking tiles is exceptionally effortless. There is very little preparation work that needs to be done before installing the floor. As long as the floor is smooth and even the tiles will lay perfectly. SupraTiles have a secure interlocking system, T-Joint or Dovetail that can be used without expert assistance. Additionally, you may put the new interlocking tiles over your current flooring. Even if the flooring is damaged, it is simple to install interlocking tiles (with certain exceptions). Therefore, there is no need to repair or subfloor your existing flooring. This makes interlocking tiles extremely economical, fast, and a great alternative to other flooring options. 

Protection From Harm

The load-bearing capability of interlocking tiles can handle vehicular traffic depending on the tile thickness and design. This increased durability of interlocking tiles contributes to their longevity as the tiles are difficult to damage. The subfloor is not compromised during the installation of interlocking tiles. Compared to conventional concrete slabs with a high resistance capability, interlocking tiles can be more cost-effective.

Easy to Maintain

Interlocking tiles are relatively simple to maintain. Mopping or sweeping the tiles is an easy method for cleaning the floor. Using a scrub drier machine is another method for cleaning the tiles. Scrub dryer devices provide the tiles’ aesthetically pleasing look. If your interlocking tile flooring sustains damage in certain spots, you can fix the floor without disturbing the entire floor. The damaged section of your flooring may be readily replaced by removing the tiles and installing new ones. These characteristics make the maintenance of interlocking tiles simple.

Versatile and Available in Several Designs

SupraTile Interlocking tiles may flex in response to the surroundings. The tiles prevent seismic deformation and fractures, making the floor extremely durable. Over 50 designs, colors, and variations of SupraTile interlocking tiles give the flooring an aesthetic appearance. Even installation and maintenance of interlocking tiles are straightforward.

There are Environmental Advantages Use Interlocking Tiles

Eco-friendly production method – SupraTile floor tiles are environmentally beneficial since they are made from virgin or recycled plastic. No needless waste – Because interlocking floor tiles are meant to be installed over existing floors, no trash is burned or sent to landfills. In addition, there is no waste produced during the production of SupraTile, since any extra material or rejected tiles are recycled and turned into 100% recycled black floor tiles.

With these incredible advantages of interlocking tiles, you should not hesitate to install these simple-to-handle tiles for home or commercial use. Also, we would be happy to assist you in selecting the ideal interlocking tiles for your needs. Contact us for a free discovery call today! 

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